Sunday, August 27, 2006

Anthony Playing at High Level at World Championships

The United States improved to 6-0 at the World Championships with a 113-73 dismantling of Australia in Saitama, Japan. Denver's Carmelo Anthony led the Americans with 20 points, continuing his strong showing in the tournament.

Anthony, coming off his best NBA season, seems to be driven like a champion, determined to prove his name belongs amongst the most dedicated and best in the world. Lebron James is revered, Dwyane Wade has scoreboard with an NBA title and MVP trophy, and Anthony has...nothing yet.

Maybe that's what he needed, a carrot, a challenge. We started to see it during last season, as he overcame rocky off-the-court moments, and rebounded to become a clutch and prolific scorer. His rebounding and passing still leaves something to be desired, but Anthony is a player on the rise. Maybe he can't dominate as easy at 6-foot-8, at small forward, like superfreak James can playing on the wing with his passing and rebounding uniqueness, to go along with his score-at-will ability, and Wade with his unstoppable all-around game, but he is a player that can lead by example, wanting the ball at critical times and dropping in a game-winning bucket.

Look for him, health willing, to become more bold and successful as time goes on.

The key is for the Nuggets to keep finding pieces to put around him. Andre Miller, for all the heat he receives, is the best Denver point guard since some cat named Fat Lever. J.R. Smith has size, athleticism, and the beginning of a shooting touch. Marcus Camby, while aging and fragile as a Christmas ornament, is still a rebounding and shot-blocking force. Nene and Kenyon Martin have only one major problem. They are always stylin' in fine clothes on the bench, instead of sweating and producing on the court. Get healthy, stay healthy, find a diamond or two along the way and watch the organization, with Anthony the centerpiece, rise from the ashes to once again become a playoff team no one wants to play.

Until's Carmelo looking good wearing another uniform.


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